Livingcap & SID - Cosmetic market survey

In the first months of 2021 we started a collaboration with the students of the Scuola Italiana Design with the aim of developing innovative and sustainable packaging projects for the cosmetic and home fragrance sectors, according to Livingcap’s philosophy. 

The result is a very interesting and thorough market trend research based on a survey made on the first months of 2021.
 A precious source of information about the habits, preferences and purchase methods focused on different types of products: shampoo, liquid soaps, creams, makeup, home fragrances and many more. 
We discover how people choose a product, how packaging influences them, which aspects of the product are important and why they are important, how consumers consider sustainability of the packaging and a lot of fundamental information for the development of a new line of cosmetic and home fragrance products. 

This survey is an inestimable source of inspiration for us, and we’re sure it would be for you too!
That’s why we’ve decided to share it with you!
Why don’t you take a look and let us know your thoughts? We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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